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Cadney is a major antagonist in the manga Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman. He serves as the main villain during the last story arc of the series.


Cadney had a slender body, long dark hair covering half of his face. His Devilman form strongly resembles Satan, with twelve large black feathered wings.

Powers and Abilities[]

Cadney was a psychic who could read minds and speak telepathically. He could fly and had a high endurance to any physical attack, even able to come out of a bomb blast at close range.


Cadney was a very clean cut and effeminate. He was also deeply apathetic towards anyone other than himself, be it human, demon or devilman. There was some implication that he was in a relationship with Dr. Rainuma, although it seemed to be more one sided given his uncaring nature.


Cadney was present at the Black Sabbath, where Akira Fudo became Devilman. When the demons began possessing people and transforming, Cadney hid in the corner and watched as Devilman fought the demons. Sometime after the Sabbath, Cadney had discovered that he too had become a Devilman, but since he hadn't transformed like Akira had he became delusional convincing himself that he was the only real Devilman.

At some point Cadney joined the Anti-Demon Special Corps. During this time he would bare witness to many of the experiments they performed, killing other members when they began to turn into demons.

During the Devilman Corps' raid on the Anti-Demon Corps HQ, Cadney engaged Devilman in battle; during the fight Devilman revealed that the demon that Cadney had merged with was in fact a tiny piece of Amon's body that was separated during the Black Sabbath. This revelation drove Cadney insane and he refused to accept it, insisting that he is a unique being in all the universe. As Cadney Lashed out his body lost any cohesion, turning into a tar-like black mass. Through the aid of his fellow devilmen Akira was able to destroy Cadney's body, but unbeknownst to him a part of him survived and latched onto Devilman's ankle as he flew back to the Makimura Residence.

Once Akira saw the dismembered bodies of Miki, Tare and Masa Bokuto, the what remained of Cadney detached from Akira and crept into the fire while Devilman killed the lynch mob. Taking control of Miki's corpse, Cadney briefly convinced Akira that she had survived and became a devilman herself before revealing his deception. Cadney taunted Akira with Miki's corpse until Amon's personality manifested. Cadney laughed, believing that by bringing Amon to the surface that he had disproven the existence of devilmen, but Amon told him he only took over because Akira was hesitant to attack Cadney while he was controlling Miki's body, before killing him once and for all.

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  • As stated, the design for Cadney is very obviously based upon Satan.