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Caliorruar was a colossal demon that appeared in the original 'Devilman' manga, where it served as Satan's steed during the ultimate battle against Akira Fudo and his army.


Caliorruar was a gigantic reptilian demon with seven serpentine like heads, each having a sharp set of teeth and pupiless eyes. He had bright golden scales skin and short arms with claws as well as a long and twisting tail at the back. Down his back and along each head was a layer of spiked fins.


Caliorruar was a demon of incredible strengh. He could fly and was able to survive the harsh atmosphere of space. He was shown using his constricting heads to bind foes in combat.



At the conclusion of the twenty year war between the demon race and the devilmen that had ravaged the planet a final battle is held. As Akira and his army approached, Satan rode upon the back of Caliorraur.

Devilman Lady[]

After Jun Fudo and Lan Asuka finally reform together back into Satan and he joins forces with Akira Fudo to fight with God, Satan once again calls on Caliorruar to fly him into battle out in the deepest depths of space.


  • Caliorraur's design is very likey based upon either a mythilogical Hydra, or the seven headed dragon that was ridden by the Whore of Babylon in Old Testement texts.
    • A seven headed dragon is also mentioned in the Book of Revelation, as a form Satan would take during the end of days. It is perhaps for this reason that Satan is being shown riding him into the final battle.
  • Caliorraur was never named in the original manga, instead his name comes from other materials such as the source book 'The Demon Bible'.
  • He was the final demon introduced during the run of the origonal manga, not includeing later revisions or additional pages.