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Carad was a minor threat in the origonal Devilman manga. He was a member of Texsch and Illuge's group and took part in the surprise attack on the road.


He was a tall demon, it had large lips and long jagged teeth, matched with reptilian eyes. He had long spindly limbs, with massive hands and a short tail.


Carad had long thin claws on both of his hands, and a strong grip, able to grab onto a moving car and hang on.



As Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka drive back to the Makimura Residence, having finished with their buisness for the night, they are suddenly attacked by the demoness Illuge who steps out onto the road, and uses her sonic screams to smash out the windows, at the same time, signaling for the other demons to come out and attack. Among this gang was Carad, who manages to latch onto the back of the car, whilst Texsch grabs onto the top. However as the car speeds away, he loses its grip and falls off.