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Caskalika was a minor female demoness from the originalDevilman manga, appearing briefly towards the beginning.


Caskalika was a female humanoid demoness, she had elongated thin limbs and webbed hands and feet. She had slightly loose fitting skin around her neck and blank eyes, atop her head, forming just off her brow was a large crocodilian-like head.


Caskalika is among the many demons seen in the visions of Akira Fudo after he had donned the Demon Mask at the request of Ryo Asuka.

She is seen during a scene of carnage, as the arial manta-ray Bassom is tackled by a snake demon above her, Caskalika was seen being attacked by the centaur-like demon Illigole. Who pierces through her chest with his long pincers, presumably killing her.