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Chang Changku aka Cyborg 006 was a member of the 00 No. Cyborgs, a group of freedom fighters locked in eternal battle against their former masters Black Ghost. Chang was a former pig farmer with a passion for cooking before being converted into a cyborg. He serves as a supporting character in the crossover manga 'Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman: BREAKDOWN'.


Chang is a short, rotund man with black hair that has multiple spit curls, a large round nose with a curly thin moustache and short, stubby legs. He wears a large men's double breasted military uniform with a high collar, gold buttons, a yellow scarf and small black boots with a gun holster around the waist that holds his Super Gun. When out of uniform, Chang usually wore a traditional blue Chinese robe.


006 is nicknamed "The Mole", as he specializes subterranean infiltration as well as anti-ballistics, anti-personnel, and frontal advancing. He was designed to be a human flamethrower, using his extremely hot flame breath to execute surprise attacks or escape. He can also use it to incinerate or melt opposing forces with a fiery blast.


Jovial and funny, Chang is very friendly and is the heart of the team. He is a talented chef who can cook exotic dishes out of almost anything, and can use his flame breath to help in his cooking. He keeps the team's morale high through bad times with his cooking and his joyful and positive attitude.


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