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Chihiro Shimura was a minor character in the 'Devilman Lady' manga. She was a former student of Jun Fudo's, along with her friend Mizuho Nishikawa, both now prominent swimmers at Toriton Sports Club.


Chihiro was a pretty girl in her early twenties, she was quite short for her age, especially in comparison to the tall Mizuho. She had short dark hair in a neat cut.


Chihiro was a cheery girl. She was best friends with Mizuho and had find memories of Jun's teaching. She admired Aoi Kurosaki, though was intimidated by her.


She used to be a student of Jun Fudo's at the school she worked at, along with her friend Mizuho Nishikawa. After graduating they both became members of Toriton Sports Club.

When a series of violent murders leads investigations to Toriton's, Jun is sent to investigate. Whilst there she runs into Mizuho and Chihiro. At first Jun fails to recognise them, however after doing so, they talk and reminisce for a while, before the are interrupted by Jun's old advisory Aoi Kurosaki. The two girls leave allowing Jun and Aoi some personal space.

Later, Mizuho and Chihiro meet with Jun shortly before closing time and Jun takes the two girls out to dinner, so long as Chihiro promises to help Jun sneak back in later that night.