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Coco (ココ Koko?) was a supporting character in the manga series of Devilman Grimoire. She was originally the weak willed lover of the demoness Coulcure. As part of her cover, she masquerades as the clothing designer for Coulcure. Near the end, Amon managed to convince her to betray her former lover after she realized Coulcure didn't actually care for her.

Physical Appearance[]

Coco was a demoness who perfectly resembled a human. She had long groomed red hair and blue eyes. She had a long dress which covered most of her body with a large section cut out of the middle exposing her breasts and stomach.


Coco is primarily weak willed and shy, having little to no confidence. As such, she does everything Coulcure says and has become dependent on her. Coco is even willing to put herself in danger if it can protect Coulcure. However by the time she realizes that Coulcure has no care for her, Coco believed she had no purpose until she gained confidence in herself.

Powers and Abilities[]

Coco had the ability of flight and could create small explosions. She could also create force fields.


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