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Coinard was a minor dragon-like demon from the 'Devilman' manga. He was among the many demons that made up Satan's army. His appearance is only in later editions of the manga which came with additional pages.


Coniard was a long, snake-like demon with multiple heads along its body. The lowest face was mainly human with sharp teeth and bull-like horns, the second was a freakish little monster accompanied by scrawny arms with sharp fins. A larger set of arms hung behind a dragon looking head with multiple spikes and wide eyes. Down his back was a layer of tall fins.


Coniard was only seen once in flight, though likely his claws and coiling body could have been a deadly combo also.


During the climactic war between Satan's demons and Akira's Devilmen, Coniard was seen flying alongside the manta-like Firushu and insectoid Twullgey as a volcano erupted behind them. He was seemingly slain off panel shortly after.