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The Corvid Demon (カササギの悪魔 Kasasagi no Akuma?), was a bad threat present at the Black Sabbath party in the first episode of Devilman Crybaby.


The Corvid Demon was coated in black feathers, beneath the lifeless face of its human host it had a large crooked jaw lined with sharp teeth and a twisting tongue. Two gargantuan chest sprouted from her chest area and a single eye lies between both of her claws.


She was capable of flight with her mighty wings, and used her claws to grab and tear at the crowd of frightened people.


The Corvid Demon fused with one of the party goers at a Black Sabbath party. It quickly set about causing carnage, killing several and murdering the two trapeze girls hanging from the roof. When she swoops down to kill off Ryo, however he shoots her out of the sky, causing her collapsing from the air, falling onto Ryo and had Ryo pinned to the ground.