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Cradonneone was a minor demon seen briefly in the cretaceous era during the start of 'Devilman'.


Cradonneone was a large demon with a large fish like tail. He had multiple crab like legs and a large distorted face with compound eyes and sharpened teeth. He had twin Pterodactyl heads above own and large bat-like wings that supported its flight.


He could fly with his wings and impale with his claws. He could fire powerful sticking goo from his mouth which could pull prey towards him and fire acids from the side of his head.


Cradonneone was among the demons who massacred theAngels that had come down to the Earth. As one of the Angels tries to flee the carnage, Cradonneone used his slime to pull the Angel towards him and proceeds to kill it, biting into it with his sharp teeth and claws. Weather or not he was killed when God arrived or if he was frozen in the ice to go into hibernation is unknown.