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Crokus was a character in the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'. He was a member of Magistrum's court, plucking Jeanne D'Arc out of her own timeline for a corrupt trial.


Crokus had a body that seemed to composed entirely from gravel and stones, he had horns on his head and sharp teeth.


Crokus was one of the demons who captured Jeanne D'Arc, alongside the likes of Diam, Lopsal and other demons. They swarm down from the sky and pluck her from her own timeline, and pull her into their own freakish dimension of the Hellgate.

Crokus hung back during the trial, watching as Magistrum tried the girl for attempting to end the 100 Year War. At the trials conclusion, Magistrum instructs him and several other to strip her naked, however Akira Fudo arrived to defend Jeanne, and begun to fight the demons. Crokus lunges at Fudo, and proceeds to have the right side of his head shattered by a swipe from Akira.


  • Like several other demons at Magistrum's court, he was based upon a demon from the original manga, in Crokus case it was the demon Essunotto. At one point the intent may have been for them to be one and the same, until the later release of the 'Demon Bible' differentiated the two.