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Crubius was a member of Magistrum's court and a minor character in the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'.


Crubius was a large slug like demon who's entire body was covered in ridged flesh, he had several long mandibles in place of his mouth and a large pair of eyes.


Crubius' mandible protrusions were sharp and likely a nasty thing to have stab into you.


Crubius was among the demons that put Jeanne D'arc on trial at Magistrum's court, after they had kidnapped her from her own timeline and pulled her into their freakish pocket dimension, the hellgate. When she tried to speak for her innocence Crubius quickly cuts her off.

Shortly after Akira Fudo arrives to act as her very literal defense, and challenge Magistrum and his men to fight. Crubius is quick to attack, but then quicker to die.