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Marshall Cruel (マーシャル残酷 Māsharu Zankoku?), better known in her human form as Coulcure von KIein Baltic, was a major antagonist from the manga series of Devilman Grimoire and leader of the jewel tribe of the Demons. as She commands a army of demons alongside Wilfre, Psycho Jenny and Sirene. Sending them out to bring down human civilization.


Cruel’s true form was a giant voluptuous woman, who wore a revealing hooded dress showing off most of her chest and abdomen, she had a large feathered collar, a hood hanging over her head, a beaded necklace, and a single horn on her forehead, yet she had no eyes. Her hands were fused with her sleeves and she carried a large staff with her at all times. Infused to her legs was a gigantic aquatic male dragon, with a goblin-like head, a long narwhal-like horn and large yellow eyes.

Her human form was a young girl with a bizarre fashion due to her being a wealthy model before revealing her true nature. She wore a similar dress although it acted like more of a body suit, she had thigh high socks, the left one with a checkered pattern and the right with stripes. She had a pearl necklace and long blonde hair in pigtails. She remains hermphordite in both forms.


Cruel could switch between her human and demon forms, but not to mention she also had many great magical powers. Her human form's identity as a daughter of the Klein Baltic family gives her access to various wealth and authority that Cruel is able to exploit. She could ram her foes with the horn on her dragon's head and change her body size at will.


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  • Cruel’s human form is actually based on Majokko Tickle the heroine from Go Nagai's anime series with the same name, it is, however, less well-known to Nagai fans due to it being a straight kids show rather than his more extreme style of work.
  • Cruel's death by decapitation was based on Miki Makimura's death in the original manga Devilman, the panel is even drawn the same way as Miki's.
  • Compared to Lacock who had her dragon more as a mount rather than an actual part of her, it is part of Cruel's body.