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Crybaby is the tenth and last episode of the Devilman Crybaby anime. It was directed by Masaaki Yuasa and written by Ichirō Ōkouchi and was aired on January 5th, 2018.


As Akira, was carrying Miki's head, and then he confronts Ryo on same seaside cliffs that they played on as children back then and he demands to know why he betrayed him and humanity. Ryo says he's not human, as he changes into Satan, and that he was once an angel who was exiled after defying the will of god, he wandered the universe before discovering Earth and the demons that lived on it. As punishment, god had launched an army of angels which destroyed the demons in their physical form but not their souls.

As Satan was reincarnated in the Amazon as a child named Ryo, being worshiped by a local tribe. As the tribe was attacked by soldiers, he was given angelic protection and floated in the sea before hitting the coast of Japan, where he was knocked unconscious and found by Akira. although the two became close friends, Ryo was eventually adopted by a demon named Psycho Jenny, who eventually disguised herself as a secretary when he was a professor.

as Satan explains that the reason he allowed Amon to merge with one with Akira, so that Akira would be strong enough to live in the new world with him, a world where humanity has gone extinct. Akira gets furious and ends their friendship, refusing to fight.

Akira gathers up the worlds Devilman and they form an army to fight Satan and destroy the demons once and for all. During this time, the remainder of humanity launches a nuclear war to annihilate the last demons, but the remainder of human settlements are wiped out by natural disasters created by Satan (including massive volcano eruptions or earthquakes) or demon armies which hunt them down. Psycho Jenny tracks down the final human survivor colony buried inside Monument Valley park. The resulting battle with the humans killing her but also destroys the human settlement, Akira and the Devilman army launch an attack on the demons.

As Akira would instantly kill Koda off and then fails to kill Satan despite his best efforts. Ryo cuts both Akira and the moon in half, and lies next to him on a cliff in the middle of a red ocean as they gaze up at the star-filled sky as Ryo remembers their past together. Ryo comes to the conclusion that he didn't know what Akira meant all those years ago, but now decides that love doesn't exist, and if love is nonexistent therefore there can't be any sorrow, but notices he's the only one of them talking, realizing too late that Akira died moments ago, Ryo, realizing that the only person he cared about and actually loved is now dead bursts into tears for the first time in his life as he pleads for Akira not to leave him alone, Ryo cries holding Akira as God's angels descend onto the ruined Earth, ending the series.

A post credits scene shows a scorched Earth, with angels ascending from it. The now ruined Earth then becomes a second moon, opposite of the one torn in half during the final fight. The new Earth is also shown to have life again implying that everyone will be resurrected possibly as part of God's plan to punish Satan for his misdeeds.


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