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Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman (サイボーグ009VSデビルマン) is a 2015 anime crossover three episode OVA. It is a partnership project of the media studios Ishimori Productions and Dynamic Productions featuring the characters from the iconic franchises of Shotaro Ishinomori and Go Nagai, Cyborg 009 and Devilman respectively. The animation was handled by Studio Actas.[1][2]. On April 1, 2016, the OVA became available in the west via Netflix and featured an English version.[3]


The film was first commemorated as the then-passed 50th anniversary of Cyborg 009. Originally thought to be a new 009 series, it was later clarified to be a movie. The idea was originally conceived by Go Nagai, possibly out of working for Ishinomori as an assistant. However, Nagai states that the lead characters are like "water and oil" yet commented that the OVAs can display harmony without each mood destroying the other. Both the 009 and Devilman anime projects were announced for a screening in October[4] but were not linked at first until months later[5].

Each episode is approximately thirty minutes in length with the full theatrical screening being 80 minutes. The Blu-Ray release of the episodes restores 9 minutes and 30 seconds to episode 3, which had been trimmed for time constraints in the screening and contains a post-credits epilogue scene.

In terms of structure, the storylines on both sides take place before the climax arcs of their respective series: Armageddon (Devilman) and Underground Empire of Yomi (009) out of necessity to introduce the protagonists and open up the OVA's storyline. As a result, the OVAs take place in a separate universe from their source material to create an entirely original story involving the casts of Cyborg 009 and Devilman.


On Magma Island, Cyborg 009 and his comrades battle Mythos Cyborgs which ended with the island's destruction. Simultaneously in Japan, Devilman kills Jinmen after the latter ate Sachiko. When Cyborg 009 team return to their base, Cyborg 001 warns the others that demons are coming. As Cyborg 002, 004, and 005 go into various towns in Japan to investigate it, they notice that they have been followed by a group of High-Teen Number Cyborgs led by Cyborg 0014. The two groups then fight, but before the victors can be concluded, 0014 and his friends retreat because they only want to continue the battle if all remaining cyborgs have gathered.

Meanwhile at the outskirt of Tokyo, a group of demons loyal to Atun are appearing after possessing local teenagers in the dance party. All but Pazuzu depart to Atun's location, because Pazuzu is eager to fight Devilman by himself. When 009 arrives at the location in the middle of forest using 003's information, he is confronted by Pazuzu and Devilman who are involved in fierce battle, ended with Devilman slices Pazuzu in half.

Ryo Asuka notices 009's presence and shoots him. Cyborg 009 survives the attack and attacks Ryo, before being confronted by Devilman himself. The duel between 009 and Devilman ends in stalemate when both of them losing consciousness after damaging each other's arm. Ryo then picks Akira's body and bring him home, while 009 and 003 are rescued by Dolphin airship. Back in his home, Ryo searches information about Black Ghost organization after 003 previously asked whether Ryo and Akira are affiliated to Black Ghost.

In Meimon Academy, when Miki and her new friend Eva are talking at the rooftop, suddenly they are surrounded by demons led by Lilith who want to use Miki as bait to lure Devilman. Too scared because of those demon's horrifying appearance, Miki lost her conciousness. Before the demons are able to pick Miki however, Eva, who turned out to be Cyborg 0015, prevents them from doing so. The demons retreat and 0015 picks the unconscious Miki to the island used by Dr. Adams as his research facilty. Dr. Adams plans to summon Atun and combines him with Seth, 0015's comatose brother.

In Dr. Grimoire's base, after receiving information from Cyborg 002, Dr. Grimoire concludes that Cyborg 0014 / Edward Adams is actually the son of Dr. Adams Teufel, Grimoire's former colleague in Black Ghost organization who is obsessed to create the strongest cyborg ever with demon as the subject. After locating Dr. Adams's base, they the head to the island with Dolphin airship. In their way, they are attacked by horde of flying demons. The airship crashes, but all the passengers survive and they succesfully slaughter the remaining demons, including Lilith herself. After their skirmish againts demons, the High-Teen Numbers appear once again and attack them.

Inside Dr. Adams' base, after successfully merged with Seth's body, Atun kills Dr. Adams and knocks 0015 unconscious. When Devilman arrives at the island to rescue Miki, he is also attacked by Atun who has shown his true form. 0015 then contacts High-Teen Numbers telephatically to stop fighting. But after they refuse, she then works together with Cyborg 009's friends to disable Atun and High-Teen Number's self-repair function, while 009 helps Devilman combating Atun.

The plan works and their self-repair functions are successfully disabled, but it also causes Atun to transform into a new angel-like creature called Azazel. He kills High-Teen Numbers one by one and when he is about to kill 009 and Devilman, 0015's soul appears in front of him and succesfully separates Seth's soul from the Azazel's physical body. Azazel then reverts back to Atun form and continues his fight against Devilman and 009, but this time without his acceleration and self-healing abilities. The battle ends when Devilman uses his remaining power to burn Atun with his flaming breath.

When the sun sets, Ryo and Akira say farewell to cyborg team before going home with Ryo's car. Back in Meimon Academy, Miki tells Akira that she has strange memory about Eva, with Akira says nothing to Miki because he thinks it will be better for Miki if she never know what has actually happened. In a post-credits scene, Ryo is seen typing in his house, while Psycho Jenny appears behind him and watches him silently. Meanwhile in Dr. Grimoire's mansion, 001 wakes up from his sleep and warns the others that "the devil is coming".


Japanese Cast[]

English Cast[]

While Cain is a non-speaking role, Pazuzu is voiced by an uncredited actor. Other minor characters seen within the OVA and voiced are also left out of the ending credits and official materials relating to the production (save for Sachiko due to her importance in the Jinmen segment).

Manga and Novel Adaptations[]

A manga version of the film was announced for publication via Amazon Japan pre-order.[6] This was done to promote the movie as well as appeal to both franchises' traditional format. The online manga will be by Akihito Yoshitomi of Eat-Man fame and will be launched in Kodansha and Nico Nico's web magazine Wednesday Sirius in October with the first chapter also being included in a trial booklet included in December's Monthly Shonen Sirius.[7] The manga is titled: Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman: BREAKDOWN. Compared to the OVA and Light Novel, the manga tells a completely different story where the 009 and Devilman parties find themselves in an apocalyptic future where people are mutating into monsters due to a demon infestation. There also exist pure humans that haven't fused with demons lead by Dr. Rainuma, a descendant of the character of the same name from the Devilman manga. This manga brings up that rather existing in the same world, the cyborgs and Devilman are actually from parallel worlds. These worlds are eventually merged together when 009 and Devilman clashed to protect their loved ones as part of plan that was laid out by Rainuma and Mayumi (later revealed to be Zann and Psycho Jenny in disguise).

The Light Novel titled Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman: Treacheries: The Traitors is a prequel to the OVA written by the OVA's screenwriter Tadashi Hayakawa. While retaining some elements from the original stories, they also feature new elements such as the origins of the High-Teen Number Cyborgs and an early appearance of Lilith.

The Devilman portion of the novel spans from the aftermath of the battle vs. Sirene and Kaim, to covering the battle against Rasber and then the start of the Jinmen story. In comparison, the Cyborg 009 portion covers the battle against 0013 and the confrontation of Black Ghost in Antarctica, as well as part of the Mythos Cyborgs story.

Video Game Tie-Ins[]

Skins of 009 and Devilman are featured in the iOS/Android game BFB 2015-Soccer Training Game.[8]


  • During the scene where the cyborgs search for clues about demons, background characters from Mazinkaiser SKL make cameo appearances.


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