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The Stamp Monster Dagon was sent by Muzan to wreak havoc across Japan, he is the main villain in the seventeenth episode of the Devilman anime.


Dagon was a large hunched over demon with a brown colour scheme, he had a large fish like head with glossy yellow eyes and big lips. His shell was covered in spikes and had a small pair of eyes directly above his head. He had long arms and short legs with a tail. His human disguise as a kamishibaiya resembled a thin middle aged man with black hair.

Powers and Abilities[]

Dagon was able to create living illusions from any picture, and as the storyteller he handed out hundreds of monster stamps to young children. He was also able to fly, create thick fog, emit bursts of wind from his mouth and change between a human disguise.


Dagon preferred to let his Stamp Demons do most of his work, but was a capable fighter and was loyal tothe Demon Tribe, despite being afraid of the demon general Muzan.


Dagon was sent to Japan by Muzan to wreak havoc and death, so for several weeks Dagon had disguised himself as a human kamishibaiya (Paper Theater Narrator) who handed out monster stamps to children and would then tell stories to them about the demon tribe. However at one point he is seen by Devilman, which forces Dagon to put his plan into action.

Later in the night, all the various stamps that had been collected by the children came to life and caused chaos, as only those who had come in contact with the stamps where effected many children either died of fright or went insane, after rescuing Miho from a Stamp Demon, Devilman chases it back to its source where he notices it fly up into the sky, where he finds Dagon in his true form looking down. Dagon summons several stamp demon to surround him but he transforms and hits Dagon causing them to fade away, Devilman and Dagon battle in the sky until he grabs Dagon by the neck and uses the Devil Arrow killing Dagon and is thrown to the ground where he crumbles and blows away into dust.