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Dagon was a shelled demon that attacked Tokyo with a small army of animated drawing monsters.


With a distinctive large spiked shell weighing down on his back, Dagon's stature is quite short. He has a armoured body with a long thin tail. A small pair of eyes peeks out from a whole in his shell, beneath his main head has a toothy maw, large cracked eyes and several lumps on his forehead.


Dagon's main ability was to bring drawing creatures to life and have them kill. He was able to emit a strong smoke from his mouth and had a powerful punch as well.


During the day, Dagon lay several freakish but identical drawings around the walls of Japan. Later that night, he brought the drawing figures to life and had them march the streets and kill people.

Awoken from his sleep, Akira Fudo hears the cry of a dying man and goes to investigate. Finding the mans body and the drawing creatures, Akira transforms into Devilman and locates Dagon's hiding spot with Devil Ear. He forces the demon out and the two fight, Dagon spew his mist hoping to use it to his advantage but Devilman bats it away with Devil Wing before unleashing Devil Cutter, cutting the demon apart.