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Dalka was a minor moth-like demoness from the original Devilman manga.


Dalka was a female, moth-like demon. Her entire body was covered in fur with dark markings across it. She had large wings attached to her body. She had a slightly human face with a large mouth and a long pair of antenna. Her eyes had dark marking around them, and just above was a second set of large compound eyes.


Dalka's only known ability was to fly with her large furred wings.


After Akira Fudo had donned the mysterious Demon Mask, at the behest of his best friend Ryo Asuka, he was bombarded by visions of horrifying demons. Among the many creatures that Fudo saw was the female demoness Dalka, who was seen being preyed upon by a large crocodile-like brute of a demon, Eldicoke. The hulking reptile lunged down a tore a large chunk of flesh from their body.