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The Demon Busters are a special team created by the Anti-Demon Special Corps headed by Dr. Rainuma. They were assigned to patrol the streets and hunt for demons, which they did so in a sick and eager vigour, killing many innocents with their high-tech weaponry and armour.


The Demon Busters wear heavy white anti-demon armor, they talk through radios in their helmets and can be identified by the symbol on their chest.


The Demon Busters are armed with a wide range of anti demon technology, primarily using biological bullets to dispatch their enemies. They also use flamethrowers and laser pistols in their attacks. For transport they drive Demon Hunter Cars. The helmets can block out any type of telepathy, whilst their armor could stand any heat or tremors. While never seen, it is stated they are also equipped with Laser Pistols.


They were created by the Government and Dr. Rainuma in an attempt to destroy the invading Demons. Rainmura had spent several weeks studying demons keeping some like the Devilman Mico as a test subject in his tests before coming to the final anti demon product they go around hunting Demons and Devilmen alike. Using vans, sniper rifles, and flamethrowers they keep the city safe from terror, however through their misguided sense of justice they take no exception in killing both Demons and Devilmen alike.