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The Demon Generals were three highly powered demons of the Demon Tribe who served underneath Zennon as his highest command officers.


The Generals consisted of: General Zannin (Ep 4-14), General Muzan (Ep 15-25) and Demon Marshal Lacock (Ep 26-35). They were all powerful and each had various demons working under them. Whilst Zannin's soldiers were varied, a majority of Muzan's were female and all of Lacock's were items of her clothing.


  • Unverified claims online have stated that the final adversary of the series, God, was originally planned to be the fourth general but due to the climax of the series he was made the final enemy instead.
  • The closet thing to the demon generals in the manga was Demon General Zann, and later Vuvura in Devilman Lady.
  • The 3 demon generals were later given a spiritual successor in the form of The Four Demon Kings of the 2002 Demon Lord Dante anime.