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Demon Lord Dante VS Getter Robot G is a recent manga by Go Nagai and is part of his recent VS series, it is a crossover between the Getter Robo and Demon Lord Dante series as well as a sequel to Devilman vs Getter Robo, it was released in Champion Red in August of 2011. Sadly however it currently remains untranslated and very little is known about it.


Some time after the battles with the Demons, the Getter Team in the new Getter Dragon ambush a cult of worshippers who revive Dante. Dante however fused with Ryoma instead of Ryo Utsugi who was rescued by Medusa. Utsugi decides to work together with Dr. Saotome to free Ryoma from Dante.


  • Dante: A powerful demon lord.
  • Ryoma Nagare: A highly skilled fighter and the pilot of Getter Dragon.
  • Hayato Jin: The psychopathic pilot of Getter Liger.
  • Benkei Kuruma: the pilot of Getter Poseidon.
  • Michiru Satome: A young girl and the main love interest of Ryomi.

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