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Demonic Beast Sirene is the second episode of the 1972 'Devilman' anime series. It is most notable for being the first appearance of major antagonist Sirene, predating her appearance in the manga by several weeks.


After being summoned by Zennon, the avian demoness Sirene was given the mission to find out if Devilman had really defected from the Demon Tribe, and to kill him if this was true. Immediately after arriving at the Makimura Household, Sirene began menacing Miki, forcing Akira to transform into Devilman to protect her. Defeating Sirene soundly in the ensuing battle, Devilman watched as Sirene transformed into a swarm of butterflies which flew down a manhole. Following them, Akira found Miki at the foot of the manhole's ladder, but this was a trap, as Sirene took her true form again and slashed Akira in the back. Akira found that when he transformed into Devilman with the wound on his back, his injuries only got larger and far more painful, effectively stopping him from being able to fight. Unconscious, Akira was taken to the mountains of Japan by Sirene, whereupon his dreams were examined by the demon. Learning of Akira's love for Miki through Devilman's consciousness, Sirene set off for the Makimura household once again, transforming into a butterfly and rendering Kensaku Makimura unconscious before possessing a doll. Although Miki destroyed the doll, Sirene was still able to use it to subdue Miki, kidnapping her to use as a bargain against Devilman.

Akira pursued Sirene towards a volcano, where Sirene issued her demands - should Akira renounce his love for Miki and go with Sirene to the Himalayas, Miki would not be harmed. This was a bluff; Sirene intended to weaken Devilman both emotionally and physically. After Sirene dropped Miki towards the lava, Akira transformed once again and was revitalised by the volcano, the wound in his back closed. In a climactic battle, Devilman defeated Sirene, enraging Zennon and forcing him to send out his next subordinate, Geruge.