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The Demons were mythological creatures that were once humans, living in the great technological twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, who were ultimately transformed after the mysterious powers of the invading God's flames put their bodies through strange transformations. They were a major group in the manga 'Demon Lord Dante'.


The demons were once the normal citizens of the city's Soddom and Gommorah, however on day Soddom is set upon by the entity known as God. God splits himself into various forms and they go on a bloody rampage killing many of the demons. However some managed to fuse with the fire's of God and became the bizarre monsters they now were. Through out history demons are then set upon by humanity being slaughterd, murderd and killed in all sorts of horrific ways. Eventually a number of demons were promised by God that if they could kill Dante, he would allow peace for the rest of the species, the group led by Zennon an old freind of Dante's attemts to defeat the great lord however the fight proves futile as the entire ermy is wiped out with Zennon dying in Dante's arms. Eventually Dante decides to summon together all the remaining demons and forms and army to fight against God.

Major Demons[]

  • Dante: Demon Lord Dante was the leader of the demon race, he was accidentally given powers by a reflection of God when he was set on fire by it powers alongside his ship, a Tyrannosaurus-Rex and a Pterodactyl.
  • Medusa Gorgon: Dante's lover, the two were together even before God's attack. She is the first to absorb God's flames, fusing with a vine covered tree.
  • Zennon: Once Zennon was Dante's best friend, however out of fear that he and his race would be exterminated he sided together with God.
  • Beelzebub: The leader of a group of Satanists in the modern day. He was instrumental in the resurrection of Dante.
  • Piccolos: Beelzebub's aide and chief agent. He was responsible for the capture of the Black Mass sacrifice, Akane Nanjo.