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The Demons are creatures that inhabited the earth during prehistoric times, through unknown meens they were banished from the physical plane, during times when the Earth and Mars pass each other demons are able to regain their phyical bodies through the imagination of human.


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the Demons are divided into ten tribes with some level of speciation. Members of each tribe include (in order of appearance)

The Alruna[]

Demons that have plant and flora based attributes.

The Aquarians[]

Aquatic demons that flourish in the water.

The Bestia[]

These demons are often shown to have the attributes of mammals

The Dinozoa[]

Similar to the Reptilians, only with attributes associated to the ancient dinosaurs.

The Gnomes[]

These demons are famous for their connection to inanimate objects and certain materials such and metals and crystals.

The Gorgons[]

Strange, predominantly female demons with various abilities, identified by their multiple faces.

The Harpies[]

Primarily female race of avian demons, typically have appearences reminiscant of the harpies from Greek mythology.

The Ignus[]

A race of Demons with fire based powers.

The Insectors[]

Demons with attributes similar to that of an insect, such as mandibles, compound eyes, pincers etc.

The Reptilians[]

True to their name this demon tribe have the atributes of reptiles


This category consists of demons who are a composite of multiple demons or either have no distinct characteristics that connect them to any known tribe or have features that they share with a number of different tribes.