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Rei Haguro fused with Despereaux in Devilman Grimoire

Devilman Despereaux is a reccuring character in the Devilman franchise, frequently seen as one of Akira Fudo's closet allies next down Devilman Puffurle. In the OVA Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman, the demon general Saylos takes his role.

As Devilman Despereaux[]

  • Devilman Despereaux (Manga): He could be seen sitting by Akira during one of his hidden away meeting with the other Devilmen. He was present for the arrival of the Bonds of Hinduism.
  • Rei Haguro: His largest and only named role was in the manga Devilman Grimoire, Haguro was a Devilman that joined int he fight against the Grand Demon Marshal Coulcure.
  • Devilman Despereaux (Amon): A leader in the Devilman Army that was close to Akira. He led a failed attack in hopes of defeating Amon.
  • Devilman Despereaux (Gekiman): Makes a minor cameo as Akira ponders the idea of other Devilmen in the world.

As Despereaux[]

  • Despereaux: Failed to take over the body of a pure spirited human, and thus was overtaken allowing the human to become a Devilman.
  • Despereaux (Grimoire): The crustacian demon failed in an attempt to take over the body of Rei Haguro who instead became Devilman Depereaux.
  • Despereaux (Amon): The demon tried and failed to take over a human and you know what happens next.
  • Despereaux (Gekiman): Same as above.

See Also[]

  • Saylos-82635-100963-1

    Saylos in Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman

    Saylos: One of the lead antagonists in the Amon OVA. Saylos was the arrogant leader of a vast demon army that forcefully tried and failed to recruit Akira Fudo into their ranks. After his army was slain by the recently reawoken Amon, the two demons fought, though Saylos was killed after a lengthy battle. His placement in the story and design is strongly based on how Despereaux appeared in the Amon manga, though Saylos managed to actually put up a fight.