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Devil Beasts are a type of creature in Devilman Lady that have been mutated from humans.

The Human Alliance differentiates between Devil Beasts as individuals who lost their intelligence after mutation, and Devilmen as individuals that did not. But this separation is later rendered obsolete as more Devil Beasts started to keep their sentience and is instead used to refer to mutants with demon-like traits. The Cult of Dante refer to both as Newmen. They are different from humans turned demons and actual Devilmen as seen in Devilman in that they are not produced through the fusion of demons and humans but instead through a genetic factor.


The devil beasts resemble demons, but are generally more uniform and humanoid in their designs. How humanoid generally correlates with how much of their human persona survives the mutation, otherwise they just resemble monsters or horribly disfigured people.


In general, the devil beasts have superhuman strength and durability; but more specific abilities varies between them including speed, flight, and energy projection. Most of them have the ability to return to their human form, but how much control they have over this transformation varies. With enough willpower Devil Beast can also change their form and appearance in other ways. Akira Fudo compared the transformations to the demons and Devilmen in that their transformations are primarily triggered by the adrenaline that flows throughout the body, often surfacing in times of stress. Unlike demons or their anime counterparts, devil beasts do not posses the ability to merge with others.


The reason behind their origin is never confirmed, but different possibilities are proposed throughout Devilman Lady. Some, like Lan Asuka, speculate that the devil beasts are the next stage in a long line of previously undocumented mass-mutations responsible for macro-evolution. Others, like Ryo Utsugi and Dr. Jason believe the mutations to be a symptom of Hell's influence on reality or of the universe returning to it's original state of cosmic chaos. Vlava claims that the devil beasts will ultimately become indistinguishable from demons. Regardless, some devil beasts have been seen centuries in the past, with people believing them to be demons with the most Devil Beasts appearing during the series.


  • The concept of Devil Beasts is similar to the classic depiction of werewolves and other werebeasts.