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Devilman (デビルマン Debiruman?) is a game for the PlayStation and Windows 98, developed and published by Bandai, which was released in Japan in 2000.


Opening cinematic[]

The opening shows demon Amon fighting several insect-like demons on primordial Earth. Sirene also could be seen briefly.

Chapter one[]

Player assumes the role of Akira Fudo, a young man with a virtuous and pure heart, who, along with friend Ryo Asuka, gets trapped in an unrealistically large mansion filled with bloodthirsty demons. After much tribulations Akira and Ryo finally reach a "terrifying room", only to discover that everyone in here have been already slaughtered by demons. Ryo then tries to kick-start Akira's fusion with Amon by simulating demon possession and shooting him with shotgun. However, he quickly gives up. Akira is not mad at him at all, and they resume civil conversation. A large demon breaks through the walls of the "terrifying room", injuring Ryo and capturing Akira with one of its tentacles. Terrified Akira merges with Amon and violently murders the demon.

Chapter two[]

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Chapter three (Extra Chapter)[]

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The game is divided into two parts with drastically different gameplay. Chapter one is a survival horror with lots of running, hiding and puzzles, while chapter two is a beat 'em up with minor puzzle elements. Chapter three consists of one boss fight with gameplay mechanics similar to chapter two.

Voice Cast[]


  • It is possible that the events of the game are supposed to be another iteration of the main Timeloop, as its plot is similar to that of original Devilman manga, but has a lot of small differences.
  • Though designs of Devilman and Sirene are obviously based on those from the Devilman's OVAs, both Miki and Tare wear their same clothes from the 1972 TV series.
  • After beating the game for the first time with C rank or higher, the player is rewarded with opportunity to play a so-called "T.V. version", which features a playable Devilman skin based on the 1972 TV series, as well as a slightly different story with a new soundtrack, ending, and fatalities.