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The Devilman Corps was an army headed by Akira Fudo that primarily consisted of the Devilmen that had been wronged by the world. The full force of their army was known to be summoned twice, first in the destruction of the Anti-Demon Corps, and secondly in the twenty year war against Satan and his demons.


After a mass suicide run of demons merging with normal or sane people Akira and Ryo Asuka devised a plan to summon anyone who managed to remain dominant over the demonic possession and form an army to battle the forthcoming demon forces.

Akira manages to form a large army of Devilmen as well as several humans, when Akira's step parents are arrested Akira gathers his army and sends them to destroy the Anti-Demon Corps HQ

After Akira finds Miki, Tare and Masa dead, he cuts his ties to humanity and focuses on the Devilmen instead. Eventually a twenty year war erupts against the demons, however Akira and the Devilman Corps are wiped out and Satan wins dominance, but goes into depression after the death of Akira.

The deceased Devilman are sent into Hell, however when the Demon Lord Dante was released from hell the Devilman Corps came with him, Akira encounters Ryo and they agree to settle their differences and go against their foe and accidental creator God, and so the demon armies and the Devilman Corps join forces to combat the greater evil.