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Devilman Despereaux was a minor character from the original 'Devilman' manga. He made a brief appearance during the seance of the Devilmen.


Devilman Despereaux had several long arachnid like limbs stretching a shell-like helmet on his head, protecting a near human face with a spike decorating the centre. The rest of his body is covered in body armour, with several shorter spider legs on his chest, grey tufts of fur sprouting from his body and large yellow eyes. He had small spikes running up his arms and legs with sharp claws in place of hands.


Devilman Desperaux had large and sharp claws that he could use to fight with in combat. He also had some degree of psychic energy, though it is never specified how strong.



As a human man, he presumably merged with the spider demon Despereaux during the mass fusion suicide run that the demons carried out shortly before Zennon's reveal.

Devilman Despereaux was first briefly seen alongside several other Devilmen and their leader Akira Fudo, after Dosu-Roku bursts into their underground hideout and informs Akira of a special child, supposedly gifted with psychic powers that was taken away by members of the Anti-Demon Corps. Then, shortly after Roku leaves, Devilman Despereaux looks about in confusion when a mocking voice lets out a laugh as the Bonds of Hinduism teleport in front of them, promising to use their psychic ability to assist Fudo's efforts.


  • Devilman Despereaux is never given a real name outside of his his code name, but in the manga 'Devilman Grimoire' his counterpart is named Rei Haguro, who in turn takes the name from the main antagonist in the Go Nagai manga, Tenku no Inu.
  • Devilman Despereaux is never seen in his full Devilman form in the original series; however his design has been depicted in different ways by his creator Go Nagai. His most commonly accepted is his humanoid form, though Nagai has also drawn him far bulkier and more insect like, with a heavy thorax, multiple legs and claws.