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Devilman Flowber is a minor pixie-like devilman who briefly appeared in the original 'Devilman' manga. She was among the many summoned by Akira Fudo as a part of his mighty army.


Flowber had several butterfly-like features including large compound eyes, antenna, a large fur crest on her head and striped legs. She also had two sets of large insect wings. Her body was near human and delicate in appearance.


She was able to fly through her wings, any other powers were unknown.


As a human woman, she presumably merged with the butterfly deviless Flowber during the mass fusion suicide run that the demons partook shortly before Zennon's reveal.

Later, she is summoned by Akira Fudo to join him and his army in the destruction of the Anti-Demon Corps HQ. However during the attack, Devilman Flowber is shot with a machine gun, causing her to vomit and fall from the sky dead.