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Devilman Ijam was a minor character from the original 'Devilman' manga. He was among the many devilmen who followed Akira Fudo in the attack against the Anti-Demon Corps HQ.


Devilman Ijam was a tall hunched humanoid that resembled a frog, having webbed fingers and toes and had exposed veins across his back and head. He had sunken eyes and large lopped ears.


Devilman Ijam was capable of flight and could slash at enemies with his claws.


As a human man, he presumably merged with the frog-like demon Ijam during the mass fusion suicide run that the demons partook shortly before Zennon's reveal.

Later as Akira Fudo called together a massive army of devilmen to battle the Demon Busters and destroy the Anti-Demon Corps HQ. Devilman Ijam was among them, however as the attack goes on he is shot by a machine gun, square in the head, causing it to split open and killing him.