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Devilman Maligera was a minor character from the origonal 'Devilman' manga. She made a brief appearance during the seance of the Devilmen.


Maligera resembled a humanoid woman with feline-like features. She had tiger like stripes across her brightly coloured fur, large yellow eyes with black pupils, and three long whiskers on both side of her face, with large cat-like ears just above. She had a long tufty tail between her legs.


Due to her cat-like nature, she had a good amount of speed and agility. She also had some degree of psychic ability, though quite how strong is never specified.


As a human woman, she presumably merged with the feline demon Maligera during the mass fusion suicide run that the demons partook shortly before Zennon's reveal.

Devilman Maligera is first briefly seen alongside several other Devilmen and their leader Akira Fudo, after Dosu-Roku bursts into their underground hideout and informs Akira of a special child, supposedly gifted with psychic powers that was taken away by members of the Anti-Demon Corps.