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Devilman Najuwarle was a minor character in the original 'Devilman' manga. He made a brief appearance during the mass assault on the Anti-Demon Corps HQ.


Devilman Najuwarle had a humanoid form with dark markings across his body. He has a massive set of sharpened teeth, and small sunken eyes. He also had ridged fins across his head and body.


Devilman Najuwarle is capable of swimming and breathing in deep waters. He was also capable of flight.


Long after the demons had ravaged the world, one particular demon, Najuwarle, attempted to take over the body of a human. However the humans soul seemed to overpower Najuwarle's and the human became a Devilman instead.

Devilman Najuwarle was later summoned by Akira Fudo in his destructive assault upon the Anti-Demon Corps HQ. He could be seen near the front of the armada, smiling with glee.