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Devilman Nulda was a minor heroine from the original 'Devilman' manga. She was a among the many who followed Akira Fudo into battle as a part of his mighty army.


Nulda was a female devilman who had been fused with a snake like demoness. Her hands turned into cobra heads and her legs and feet ended in dark snake-like tails. She had blank pupils and her entire body was covered in curved markings.


Devilman Nulda was capable of flight and could ensnare foes in her snake-like limbs.


As a human woman, she presumably merged with the serpentine deviless Nulda during the mass fusion suicide run that the demons partook shortly before Zennon's reveal.

Later, she is summoned by Akira Fudo to join him and his army in the destruction of the Anti-Demon Corps HQ. However during the attack, Devilman Nulda is shot in the gut with a machine gun, slicing her in half.