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Devilmen were a combination of humans and demons possessing the bodies of demons but with the reason and will of humans.

Description []

When a demon attempt to take over a human body that was either insane, paranoid, or in panic as a result of instinct a demon would easily have an opportunity take over the human body. However if the human was of a pure and innocent soul or possessed a powerful will that resists the temptations of demons they would have a chance to dominate the demons' spirit and take control of its powers and appearance, as well as have access to all the demon's thoughts and memories. Many Devilmen joined the Devilman Corps to combat the demon race.


The Devilmen can retain their human appearance and transform into their devilish half at will, when they transform they often look exactly like the demon they dominated. However there are some exceptions where they are unable to fully retain their human appearance such as the girl Mico.

List of Devilmen[]

  • Akira Fudo: Akira was the most famous of the Devilmen becoming one after fusing with Amon, he was the leader of the Devilman Corps.
  • Michiko Kawamoto: A female Devilman that fused with a minor demon named Tollg, she was kidnapped by the Demon Busters and experimented upon.
  • Agira: A massive flying behemoth of a Devilman that Akira used for long travels and combat.
  • Massami Izumi: A young female ex-school teacher with a good knowledge on Christianity, she fused with a demon named Puffurle and becomes a good friend with Akira.
  • Bonds of Hinduism: A group of five powerful psychic Hindu monks who help Akira trace other Devilmen.
  • Devilman Despereaux: A arachnid like Devilman who becomes leader of the Devilman Corps after Amon regains control of Amon.
  • Dosu-Roku: A freind of Akira's who becomes a Devilman shortly after Amon reamgerges.
  • Manjiro: A freind of Dosu-Roku and Akira's who breifly becomes a Devilman.
  • Cadney: An insane Devilman who considerd all other Devilmen to be demons in disguise.
  • Okei: A freind of Michiko's who is killed by Demon Busters.
  • Kyouko: A freind of Michiko's who is killed by Demon Busters.
  • Ryu Kasuga: The main protagonist of Strange Days, he becomes friends with Akira and battles with him in the final war.
  • Maako: A young female pilgrim girl who's classmates and mother were killed by Jinmen, her Devilman form resembles Puffurle.
  • Makippe Mikumura: A female devilman who was in love with Ryo Kasuga, she resembled Amon in her Devilman form.
  • Saki Mikimura: Makippe's little sister, she was murdered by Demon Busters.
  • Kira Udoa: A character that closely resembles Ryo Asuka/Satan in both appearance and personality, he befreinds Satan and battles alongside him in the final war.
  • Yasohachi Yamagishi: A friend of the Flyers, he auditioned to join their band however he is coldly slain by Demon Busters.