Devilman Wiki

Devilmen were a combination of humans and demons, when a demon attempts to take over a human body that was either insane, paranoid or in panic a demon would easily have an opportunity take over the human body,however if the human was of a pure and innocent soul they would have a chance to dominate the demons spirit and take control of its powers and appearance, as well as have access to all the demon's thoughts and memories. Many of the Devilmen came about after demons failed to take over the host's bodies during Coulcure's invasion.


The Devilmen can retain their human appearance and transform into their devilish half at will, when they transform they often look exactly like the demon they dominated, however there are some exceptions

Powers and Abilities[]

The Devilmen have all the powers and abilities of the demons they merge with as well as any powers they had as humans

List of Named Devilmen[]

  • Miki Makimura: The childhood friend of Akira Fudo and the lover of Amon, she merged with the demons Faim and Medoc.
  • Asuka Himura: A thuggish boy with a crush on Miki, as time goes on he becomes friendlier and cares for Mico. He fused with a demon named Zannin.
  • Mikiko Kawamoto: A friendly girl who is good friends with Himura, she tries to get along with everyone. She fused with a demon named Tollg.
  • Ryo Utsugi: The leader of the Devilman Army, he fused with the demon Zennon but may be more than what he says.
  • Kanzaki Saweko: Utsugi's assistant, she has worked for him for many years. She is fused with the demon Argama 
  • Kei Kamishiro: A traitor who decided to side with Coulcure. He fused with a demon named Wilfre.
  • Rei Haguro: A quiet, intelligent man, he fused with a demon named Despereaux.
  • Yuri Takuma: A perky and friendly woman, she fused with a demon named Flowber.
  • Ryu Tachibana: A professional Boxer, he was a skilled fighter. He fused with the demon Baryi
  • Jun: Miki's ex teacher, she fused with a sea demon Mermane.
  • Meriken-Jo: The only surviving member of Amon's gang. He fused with a demon named Rasber.
  • Elizabeth Banba: One of Miki's friends she fused with the demon Velm.
  • Chayako Narukami: One of Miki's friends, she fused with the demon Medusa.
  • Todaiji Nyuro: A grade A student who fell in love with Tsubasa Rainuma, he fused with the demon Kaim.
  • Devilman Kabuto: A female beetle like Devilman.
  • Devilman Maligera: A female Devilman with feline features.
  • Devilman Saludra: A large reptilian Devilman.