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The Dinosaur Empire were the rulers of Earth during the cretacious era who have reawakened to take back the Earth in modern day. The group serves as the primary antagonist of many stories in the 'Getter Robo' series, including the crossover manga 'Devilman vs Getter Robo'.


Led by the ferocious Emperor Gore, the reawakened Dinosaur Empire led a war against humanity to reclaim the Earth for his species, the Reptiloids. Their main adversary in their goals were Ryoma Nagare, Hayato Jin and Musashi Tomoe, the three pilots of the Getter Robo.

At one point, spokesperson for the demons, Sirene contacted Gore and arranged a truce between the two species in order to take down their respective enemies the Getter crew and Akira Fudo. Sirene led the first assault on the Saotome Research Institute, which led in failure with the deaths of many of her soldiers. Seeing this, Gore sends over three Mechasaurs to assist, however even when the Mechasaurs are fused with a armada of demons the attack still ends in failure.