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Doelamale was a gargantuan aquatic demon and is the main antagonist in the short story Devilman: One Summers Day.


Doelamale was a gigantic sea serpent like demon with green scales and a pale pink underbelly. He had four arms with webbed fingers, a giant dorsal thin going down his back. He had a gigantic jaw and a long tongue above was a smaller mouth with yellow eyes and another face lower down on his stomach. Two gigantic hooked wings could pop out from his back.


Doelamale was able to fly and swim underwater, he presumably had some considerable strength.


Doelamale had a sadistic and perverted personality which he used to his pleasure on a unconscious Miki Makimura.


Doelamale attacked Miki Makimura and Akira Fudo at a beach after they had swam out to far. Though seemingly a random attack, there is implication that he was sent by Satan's subconscious.

He grabs Miki who faints after seeing the foul demon, who then begins to molest the girl and tear away her costume as he mocked Akira. He starts to lick her with his tongue, enraging Akira who transforms and attack's. The resulting fight is seen off panel, though it is Akira who emerges victorious.