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Doroma is a demon from Devilman Grimoire. He is a member of the group that inadvertently cause the resurrection of the demon hero Amon.


Doroma had a hunched back, His legs are similar to that of a horse making him able to leap and run at a good speed, his body was covered in a blue shell like armour, and his head was that of a large brain, with thee eyes within the centre. His fingers are tipped with retractable razor sharp claws which he uses as his main weapon.


Doroma is able to run at a good speed and jump quite high. He has razor sharp teeth and claws, in the claws he is able to inject minuscule clones of himself and inject them into his opponent which would make their way to its brain and either kill or possess the enemy.


Doroma is one of the first demons seen, When three girls looking for Mico who had been absent from school for several days. They ask Akira for some help and he says that a good thing to do would be to ask Miki who is apparently quite famous at solving mysteries, she says for them to come meet her and Akira late that night. They agree but are shocked to find that in order to find Michiko she planned to summon some demons, After she attempts to do so nothing happens, but then after a few seconds five people in long cloaks appear and ask if they had seen a young girl, they say they hadn't and so the figures remove their cloaks to reveal their demonic forms one of which being Doroma.


After his demonic cohorts kill everyone apart from Miki and Akira but as they move in on them, Akira however transforms into Amon when trying to protect Miki from the groups leader Massack, he proceeds to battle the demons, Doroma leaps onto his back and injects his mini clones into Akira, However, before they can reach his head they are torn apart by his blood cells, he then grabs Doroma and throws him into another demon named Jurad, Amon then cuts at them decapitating Doroma.

It is later revealed that Doroma was summoned into the human world in a Black Sabbath possessing a human alongside many other demons, he then goes on a rampage killing humans that did not transform into Demons.

Even later on Doroma is seen as one of the many demons watching in fear as Zennon attacked the demon race in the Cretacious era.