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Dosu-Roku was a minor gang member from the manga Devilman Grimoire.


Dosu-Roku was a tall and thin boy, he had large eyebrows and a overly sized chin.


He is seen near the beginning of the story with Himura and Go, where they taunt Akira Fudo and Miki Makimura. He and Go mock Akira for being Orphaned, whilst Himura tries to get a kiss out of Miki, but she hits him and the two run away.

Later He and the rest of the gang all taunt Himura (Bar Mikiko), They are then approached by a woman who asks if they had seen a girl, when they say they hadn't Go asks if she wanted to have sex she agrees and she starts to make out with him and Dosu-Roku however she removes her clothing and reveals herself to be the demon Aleda and she kills them both.