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Dosu-Roku was a member of Masa Bokuto's gang. He was a minor character seen at the beginning of the animated film Devilman: The Birth.


Dosu-Roku was a boy in his very late teens, he had a lazy eye, and a short quiff haircut. He had a pink shirt and a large black trench coat with a popped collar.


Dosu-Roku was rude and slightly spiteful, however whilst he reveled in taunting Akira Fudo, he didnt want to see him get hurt and was even scared for him when he had pissed off Manjiro.


Dosu-Roku along with Masa and Manjiro had been killing the school rabbits for the fun of it when they were caught in the act  Akira Fudo, who rescues the last surviving rabbit. Dosu-Roku mocks Akira as Manjiro knocked him to the ground, however when he refused to surrender the last rabbit and Manjiro began to attack him, he began to worry for him. When Miki arrived looking for Akira, Dosu-Roku tries to stop her from coming round the corner but is pushed out of the way and departs with the rest of the gang shortly after.