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Dr. Issac Gilmore is a human scientist that aids the 00 No. Cyborgs in their war against the terror organisation Black Ghost, his former employer. He is a supporting character in the crossover manga 'Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman: BREAKDOWN'.


Dr. Gilmore is a short man in his mid 60's who has spiky grey hair combed back, black eyes, and a large bulbous nose. He wears a brown suit with an oversized red bow tie, brown pants, and dark brown shoes.


Dr. Gilmore is a wise and kind man, but at times is a bit quick-tempered. He is the 00 Cyborgs closest ally and their mentor, acting as a sort of father figure to this surrogate superhero family. They often consult him on matters involving Black Ghost, scientific anomalies caused by their weapons, or on general knowledge to investigate bizarre events (geography, science, ways of contacting Gilmore's friends in the scientific community etc.).


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