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Dr. Jason was an American scientist who worked for the American branches of the H.A.


He appeared to be a well groomed middleaged American with a small beard and grey hair.


Dureing Lan Asukas stay in America she met with Dr. Jason at theH.A Washington Headquaters, he drives he over to a secret base in the desert called the Samuelson Institute where he tells her that the institute was where the H.A first started. 

When inside he starts to give her a tour of the base but is interupted when a man comes runing at them, Lan immediately recognises him as Mr. Okawa the first rouge Devilman Jun had to face, Okawa also recognise her and starts to transform but is knocked out by a pair of Devilman security gaurds, Dr. Jason then continues his tour and shows  her a lab where dead or captured Devilbeasts were being converted into Cyborgs replaceing their cerebrums with cybernetics letting pepole control them, esentily making the a back up if a Devilman fails to defeat a Devilbeast in combat as well as the Cyborg Beasts unable to refuse human orders, he then outrightly tells Lan that he thinks that humanity is weak and that the Devilman/Devilbeast transformations are just what humanity needed.

They continue to talk in a cafe where he says that there really is no hope for humanity if it refuses to change, and then he leads Lan to what he called the last hope for mankind which turns out to be genetically enginerd Devilmen.