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Dr. Rainuma was supposedly the great grandson of the doctor of the same namesake from the original 'Devilman' manga. He is used as a host by the demon General Zann as he attempts to manipulate the 00 number cyborgs into fighting Akira Fudo.


Rainuma was a middle-aged man with a wrinkled yet chiseled face, finely brushed black hair and a goatee. He is usually seen smoking a pipe as well as a business suit and lab clothes.


Rainuma was the great grandson of his near-identical in appearance grandfather from the timeline of the original 'Devilman', past the similar appearance he also held similar values and seemed to hold heavy bias towards the struggling Devilmen survivors of Black Ghost, refusing to differentiate between Demon and Devilman, while favoring humanity, acting as their leader in the fresh water oasis they had built within the ruins of Future Tokyo.

At some point, the mighty Demon General Zann took over Rainuma's body in a scheme to awaken Satan from his dormant state.