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Dremoon in the Devilman anime series

Dremoon was one of the strongest and most deadly members of the Demon Tribe. With his ability to manipulate both gravity and the effects of the moon, the camp demon proved a deadly threat to humanity in all his appearances.

  • Dremoon (TV): A grand demon that serves as the penultimate villain of the series, using his control of the moon to cause the tides to drown Japan.
  • Dremoon (Hiruta): The strongest devil of the Demon Tribe, sent by his lord Zennon to try and vanquish Akira Fudo. He serves as the final antagonist of the series.
  • Dremoon (Isako): A viscous devil that tried and failed to slay Devilman.
  • Dremoon (Gekiman): Here, Dremoon makes a very brief out of story cameo alongside Magdora and Wuduu.
  • Dremoon (Grimoire): Serving a new role, as a servant to the grand demoness Cruel.