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Dremoon was the strongest warrior of the Demon Tribe and Lord Zennon's final trump card against humanity. 


Dremoon was a humanoid demon with a muscular physique. The top of his head formed into a curved spike giving off the image of a crescent moon and on his chest was a large dark hole, used for gravity manipulation. He wore a stylish cape with a large collar.


Dremoon had the ability to manipulate the elements of the Moon, giving his control of gravity and the tides. He could also fire energy bolt from his finger tips.


Having suffered defeat at every turn, the demon king Zennon called on his last great warrior to defeat Devilman and wipe out humanity once and for all.

Dremoon arrived through the water, casting himself a great wall through the water as he apporached Japan. Once there he began flooding the costal town with great tidal waves, causing death tolls in the high thousands. At home Akira saw the chaos on the news and instantly recognised the mark of the attacker. Fearing for his life against the great demon foe, Akira plucked up his courgae and said goodbye to his loved ones before going out to face him.

Above the flooded ruins, Devilman found Dremoon, gloating over his cruel actions. The two begin fighting, with Devilman taking a savage beating and nearly drowns before escaping Dremoon's tidal control and bears down on the moon demon with the Devil Drill Spin, hitting Dremoon square on in the chest, killing him and ending his terror.


  • Dremoon's design here is based on his appearence in early concept art for the character.