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Dukan is a minor demon, seen only briefly in Devilman manga, appearing briefly towards the beginning.


Dukan resembles a pachyderm-like creature, with a long thick trunk and large ears. He has a pointed chin and small eyes beneath his trunk.


Dunkan is seen after Akira Fudo dons the mysterious Demon Mask, wherein he is bombarded by cruel visions of demon kind and their activities.

Dunkan can be seen standing among a large group of demons including Arubirou, Oobaru, Mosque, Hegaritar, Ninote, Rogot, Ledak, Kizak, Zoumue, Sidos, Ijuk, Jilot, the Unnamed Tadpole Demon, the Unnamed Crazy-Eyed Demon and the Unnamed Fuzzball Demon.

Shortly after, Dunkan makes a second appearance, now among another crowd as Ryo Asuka explained the origins of the demon race to Akira.