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Eader as he reappers in the Devilman manga

Eader (イーダー Īdā?) was among a group of frequently recurring demons in the franchise. He was a vicious demon that appeared several times in the Devilman manga series. before finally being disintegrated by a unaware Satan.


Eader (Manga): After taking over a businessman named Mr. Maegawa, Eader would kill Mr. Maegawa's family and began preying on other people on the streets. as He was eventually confronted by Ryo Asuka, who blacked out when Eader transformed into his demon form and unintentionally killed him.
Eader (Gekiman): Eader plays a similar role in the semi-autobiography retelling of Devilman.
Eader (Grimoire): Eader was seen briefly as he feasted on the organs of a young girl with Yageba. He made several appearances in flashbacks after his death.
Eader (DvG): Eader made a single panel cameo, as Sirene made a pact with Emperor Gore.


Eader (Crybaby): Eader appeared as a follower of Sirene, as he preyed on humans with two other demons.