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The Unnamed Eagle Devilman was one of the three noble Devilmen who fuse with Dosu-Roku in Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman.


Whilst humanoid in appearance he stood several meters tall. He had feathers covering a majority of his body leaving his chest and arms uncovered. He was well built and had large claws, with a spike on the wrists. he had massive wings and blank pupiless eyes, he also had a large beak, finishing his bird motif.

Powers and Abilities[]

He was evidently able to fly via his wings and battle with his claws, and according to Dosu-Roku he was a brilliant fighter.


He was a highly powerful Devilman, but other than that he was among the purest he along with the two other Devilmen chosen by Dosu-Roku were chosen just for that so they would have the greatest chance to defeatAmon.


He alongside the Ox Devilman and the Lion Devilman were selected by Dosu-Roku so they could defeat the recently reemerged Amon, despite criticism from the Bonds of Hinduism he fuses with the other two and allows for Dosu-Roku to fuse with them as well to try and stop Amon, it is sadly all for naught.


  • Whilst it is likely coincidental the Eagle Devilman greatly resembles Rerasu a eagle demon from the first episode of the original Devilman TV Series.