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Ebain is a female centaur demoness from Devilman Grimoire. She served Sirene and was sent alongside Ghelmer to kill Amon.


Ebain has the lower body of a horse and the upper body of a human woman. She has long messy black hair, large horns on the side of her head and no arms. Unlike her original TV appearance, her breasts are exposed. When fused with Ghelmer, her lower body becomes liquefied with Ghelmer's face located on the front.


Ebain could teleport through reflective surfaces such as mirrors and attack foes with her horns and strong kicks. With both powers, she can use this powerful combination to charge at foes with deadly accuracy and repetitive combinations.

When fused with Ghelmer, she gained his ability to manipulate water and grew horns on her front that resembled Ghelmer's ears. Said horns could be used as a large set of claws.


Ebain is a proud demon who loves violence. She loyally serves Sirene and seems to value the strong and doesn't care one bit about the weak, as shown when she betrayed Ghelmer once he became weaker than her and when she showed no fear or remorse at getting defeated by Amon. She also does not like to be called a "horse".



  • While appearing alongside Ghelmer, several of Ebain's scenes in Grimoire replicate Ghelmer's own in the original Devilman manga.